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Friendship Bracelet, 14K gf

Friendship Bracelet, 14K gf
I designed this Friendship bracelet because I was going on vacation with my two best friends to celebrate my 40th birthday. I wanted to take them each a gift to commemorate both the trip and our friendship. And while there really are no words to define a friendship, I wrote the poem that comes with each bracelet to try to explain how invaluable a Girlfriend can be.

The poem:

The Colors Of Our Friendship

You are loyal and compassionate,
This we know is true.
To represent these qualities,
We'll use the color Blue.

As vibrant as a Yellow rose,
Mid-summer in full bloom,
You bring joy into my life
The way you illuminate a room.

Your spirit and your energy,
bright like the color Red,
That's what I have followed,
the times that YOU have led.

When life presents its challenges
As it does throughout the year,
A simple chat with you
Makes the solution crystal Clear.

Regal and majestic,
that's the color Green.
It's here to prove that we CAN share
The title of being Queen.

You are a gift in my life
with your generous heart of Gold
Sharing dreams and aspirations
As our times together unfold.

I am so glad
that we are Friends!

Copyright © 2003

The last line can be altered at your request to personalize it to your recipient. For example, it can read, "I am so glad that you are my Sister."

6mm Swarovski crystals.
14K gf balls and rondelles.
14K gf round toggle closure.
Market price: $69.00
Price: $59.00
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